marianne posted a status
on Monday
my specific question!
well, you know how radiohead is like reallllly good? haha of course you do, duh. or else why would you be here reading this?! well i was thinking! too much actually. anywho! so it seems there's an election. sooooooooooo of course! radiohead. electioneering! like as in they will need to play it. at their preferred time, date, location. others will view it! my preference would be in a basement. there will be instruments! perhaps a few songs. perhaps some friendly happy times. perhaps we can practice being nice to allllllllll of each other. because duh! we alllllllll want the saaaaaame thing. as those geniuses over at THE SMILE have stated in their music repeatedly! we all want the same thing. it's peace. there are various types of peace and i am needing so so badly. to stop typing.

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