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on Monday
no twilight of love from me, sorry, you'll just have to excuse the mess... this rages on despite all efforts

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  • oh but i'm not sure which mess you mean but good luck with the cleanup!
    • Thanks marianne!

      Hmmm... a clean-up. Now there's an idea :)

  • omg twilight. sometimes i can't believe that was a movie. i can't believe they made a movie like that and then thom yorke signed up for it! i was like hahaha whaaaaaat! ok fine but i still like the song. well that's unfair to say. it's more an OBSESSION! and then i refused to see that movie. until finally one day i was home like all day with nothing to do. then i watched it on some streaming service and found out it was actually beautifully made! the forests were so green. i still am a little baffled by the whole thing but overall thumbs up i guess. 


    a fire that never goes out


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