francisca posted a status
Sep 16
dear radiohead i am a supple little girl from the u.s and i am begging you to please add several songs to spotify (like pop is dead n some covers especially nobody does it better) if you can find it in the bottom of your hearts sincerely francisca

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  • hahaha oh my gosh. your top three... favorite songs? or?

    also whether everyone needs to hear it is debatable but i'd be willing to agree with you i guess!

    • my top 3 radiohead songs but ill think about top 3 fav songs...

    • well neither endeavor would be possible for me so i won't even try. but i think the fact that that song would make it into your top three is really special and remarkable! 

  • oh gosh! i had never heard their rendition of nobody does it better before. i am overall baffled by the listening experience that just occurred. 

    • its literally the best every i decided to put it in my top 3 becuase of how good it is EVERYONE needs to hear it

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