francisca posted a status
Sep 9
also i read that new(?) thom interview, for some reason i started crying maybe cuz my love for radiohead is too strong for me to handle :(;゙゚'ω゚'):

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  • that would be fun to hear! same as you though, i felt like i could imagine him saying those things with his voice. sometimes the simplicity of the written word can be really special in that way and i enjoyed just reading it, but i wouldn't mind hearing the audio as well! haha or seeing video :)

  • Me, too! What an excellent interview - I felt like I could hear Thom's voice with his comments! I would love to get an audio of the interview, if possible. Gonna' check with Rolling Stone.
  • hi! are you talking about the interview with the guy from rolling stone? i came across a seemingly new interview, too.... it was so fun to read, right? so funny to think of the thing with not being able to remember everything in its right place. i was laughing out loud at that part. hope all is well! take care!
    • yea i am!!!! i've been thinking about it like crazy its so silly i always knew radiohead sorta always did that kind of stuff but i never actually heard about the effects so eiirp was pretty funny to me

      i hope all is well for u too!! sorry for like never responding to these my notfications dont work very great 

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