marianne posted a status
Nov 26, 2023
anyone else cannot get enough of the new song from the smile? i have to assume i'm not the only one here who wakes up every morning wanting to hear it and can't stop listening to it...

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  • one day that i was listening to it, and it was almost over and i found myself feeling so sad like i was missing the song even though it wasn't over yet and then i realized duhhhh i can replay it and then i felt really silly and i feel even sillier typing this and clicking "comment!"

    oh well.

    • except re-listening doesn't really quite solve that bit of sadness... oh well! 


    It's already playin' in me 'ead! (in the best way) on repeat...


    • haha it plays in me 'ead as well! oh no, what's it doin' to me 'ead?!

  • I adore it too !! I can’t wait to hear the full album and also see them live :))
    • oOoh where will you see them?? 

    • Brussels ! and maybe in Paris at the Rock en Seine festival :))  I'm so excited it's going to be the first time ever I see them play live ! 

    • nice!! that sounds incredible. you will have so much fun! 

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