marianne posted a status
Nov 27, 2023
today i was reflecting on the fact that about a decade or more ago, i read a book about thom yorke and for whatever reason, the only memory of it that remains with me at this point is that it reports he played the song "push it!" by salt-n-pepa as a dj at some venue. i can't really decide why i like this weird fact about him so much, but i do. this could be all wrong, but today i did hear that song, and did think about that book so... this is a memory check i guess. maybe i should pull that book off the shelf and give it a skim.

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  • do you know what book it was? i mean, i must say, he has pretty good taste...

    • thom yorke

      radiohead & trading solo

      by trevor baker


      p. 44!

      i should add that the back of the book says "unofficial & unauthorized" so therefore i cannot promise that he did in fact play the song "regularly" as it states he did, since sadly i was not there to witness it myself. it is still hilarious for me to imagine though.


    curiouser and curiouser :D


    • indeed, b!

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